End of Year Competition Results

It is hard to believe another year has already gone by. The results of this years Dallas Camera Club year end competition has been posted.

Congratulations to all of the year end winners and our photographers of the year.

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DCC April Newsletter

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Come out to one of our meetings and see what you think. You will find a room full of a variety of photographers from beginners to masters and lots of friendly help.

Meetings start at 7:30 PM at the
Congregation Shearith Israel
9401 Douglas Ave, 75225

Please see our Membership page
for directions and membership application.

Help with Potpourri

Each year in the May meeting, members are encouraged to present their works in themed slideshow presentations. This is called the Potpourri show.

Frank Richards will be giving a tutorial on creating a potpourri show at this weeks meeting. As a follow-up to the show here is a link to an online tutorial for pro show Gold that was created several years ago and a Quick Start Guide by Frank Richards.
PRO Show Gold online tutorial
PRO Show Quick Start Guide

Pre-Meeting Training - Start at 6:30

Apr 29, 2014
Study Group
Study Group

Study Groups will be held as part of the pre-meeting training program starting at 6:30 prior to the meeting. Bring your prints and projected images to discuss in a small group led by a master photographer. See Mentoring Study Groups tab below for more info.

See Mentoring Study Groups tab below for more info.

Upcoming Meetings - Start at 7:30

Apr 29, 2014
Guest Speaker
Gary Kelly

Our guest speaker this month will be Gary Kelly.

Please not that this is a special date as our regular meeting date was not available this month.

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Gary Kelly - April 29, 2014

I am a retired CPA who worked as a financial and accounting manager at Republic Bank and NationsBank for thirty-two years.  I took my first photograph in December of 1958.  I'm an accidental photographer.   I was in the U.S. Army at the time, going by the name of Private Kelly.  My entire unit was shipping out to Germany shortly, and I was on a brief visit at my parents' before we embarked.  One day, talking to my Dad,  he took me by the wrist, slapped a little camera in my hand and said "take pictures.” It was an Argus C-3, 35 millimeter range finder .   I was intrigued.  I immediately took it out by Mountain Creek Lake and photographed some ice formations along the shore.  They looked pretty artsy, and I was hooked.

I had a lot of exposure to the arts before that.   My aunt, Myrle Kelly who I stayed with frequently, was a professional painter and a professor in a college in Oklahoma;  my Dad was a musician;  my former brother-in-law was a professional artist and I briefly majored in music in college.   Our family enjoyed discussing the arts, and my aunt gave me and my sibs regular art lessons and many impromptu art appreciation lessons.  I was untalented as a painter, but the art appreciation stuck.  Aunt Myrle loved to discuss the works of the old masters and describe their use of light, composition and perspective.   I particularly recall one day, I was 12 at the time, when she took us to the art gallery at the college and spent four hours talking about composition in all its forms and analyzing actual paintings to illustrate the concepts.  It's still a vivid memory.  Interestingly, she never mentioned the "rule-of-thirds" one time.  It was all about form and balance. Another idea that stuck was that a "good" artist can take even the most mundane subject and turn it into a work of art.  Over the years, thanks to her, I've maintained interest in visual art by reading and attending exhibitions.

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The Study Group program is part of the pre-meeting training program starting at 6:30 prior to the second meeting each month. We will divide members into small groups led by master photographers to discuss prints and projected images brought in by members. This is a great way to get feedback on images one is considering for the monthly competitions or to fine tune that one great image.  Groups may also be formed to discuss other topics of interest – just let us know what you are interested in.

Here is how the study groups work:

  • Session will start promptly at 6:30.
  • Bring a print or processed digital image file on a thumb drive.
  • The processed file does not need to be resized – TIFF, PSD, or jpeg is fine. You might also consider bringing the original RAW file as well.
  • Prints may be any size in color or monochrome and do not need to be mounted or matted.  If you like, you can also bring the digital file of your print.
  • As people arrive, they will be assigned to a group of four or five with a master photographer.
  • The group members will give and receive feedback on their images until 7:15.
  • If you did not bring an image, you are encouraged to sit in on a group to either observe or participate.

Remember that this is about learning from each other in a friendly environment. Please assume that those giving input have a positive intent.

See Study Groups page for additional information. 

Study Group Team
Dennis Fritsche
Bob Johnson
Frank Richards

Galveston FeatherFest & Nature PhotoFest

April 10 – 13, 2014 - Contest Link

2014 Nature Photography Contest


* 2 Divisions - Youth and Adult
* 3 Categories - Landscapes, Plants, Wildlife
* 6 winners
* Cash Prizes
* Entry fee:  $10/photo
* Deadline to apply:  June 30, 2014





Monthly Photo Contests

Check these sites for monthly contests.

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