2014 Bird Competition Results


Photographer DCC FWCC
Texas Sunset Danny Behm  9
Pacific Coast After Sunset Steve Reeves  12
Man of India Ella Mae Wallar 14
The Committee Michael Farnham 9
Egret in the Sunrise Tom Savage  11
 Pensive  Gary Kelly  13
A Loving Spirit Rick Warnken  9
MHH Bridge Underside Dan Meredith  12
Bandon Beach Steve Newman 12
The Sink Robert Chura 11
St Marys at High Hill Frank Richards 11
Dancer Brendan Kelly 10
Hoodoos Jim Walsh 12
Masked Weaver Bird Dick Dodds 10
Entrapment Houston Brown  10
Stairway to Heaven Reagan Ferguson  9
The Race Aimee Martin  9
Surf Shack Erin Reeves  11
In a Row- China Jan Dreskin-Haig  12
Zero Gravity Roy O’Rear  10
Twelve Stars Kaye Hargis  11
No School Ron Shue 12
Gas Station Office Ken Spencer  10
Cima Joshua Trees Dennis Fritsche 11
Neon Dry Roy Richardson 10
Coastal Dream Bob Johnson 10
Fall colors of Tasmania Marchs Brammer  9
Dust Bath Pair Mike Hill  10
Wizard and Camel Hal Wallar  14
Lily Steve Sutton  12
168 157


Title Photographer DCC FWCC
Light of the Galaxy Darren Huski 13
Mammoth Hot Springs Trees Jan Dreskin-Haig 9
Majic Light Bill Davis 9
Family Portrait Michael Blachly 11
Waiting Larry Lewis 13
Garlic Frank Richards 9
Divine Steven Obregon 12
Angles Barbara Briley 10
Reflected Chairs – OKC Memorial Dan Meredith 10
Break on thru to the other side David Morgan 11
Alluvial Fan — Death Valley Bob Johnson 9
Pot Of Gold Lindsey Bayer 12
Look Susan Burciaga 11
Leading the Way Ryan Moeller 10
Man on Fire Steve Reeves 9
Walking The Line[1] Marilyn Graham 9
Built to Last Steve Baldwin 11
Cedar Breaks Suzanne Graham 10
Parasol in Seville Scherry Johnson 11
If only time could stand still Pam Kisielewski 12
The German Shepherd Dog David Stiff 9
Can I Be The Man He Was Brendan Kelly 12
Fort Bent’s Dining Room Jeff Heyer 11
Natures wonder Diane McNabb 9
Promise Paul Zellers 13
Spring Morning Beauty Brooke Alexander 9
The Light Within The Darkness Susan Linderman 9
Golden Nova Dennis Fritsche 10
Old Hood Ornament With Pizazz Sharon Wright 9
Mom and Cubs Mike Hill 12
148 166