Annual Cell Phone Contest

Image submission deadline is January 26.
The results will be announced at our February 23 meeting.

  1. The competition is open (no topic)
  2. All images will be submitted as digital images. No prints accepted.
  3. Up to three images per person.
  4. Color and black-and-white images will be accepted.
  5. Images may be captured with any “multipurpose personal mobile device” which would include phones, tablets, iPad touches etc. So long as it’s not just a camera. (DSLR, point and shoot, et cetera)
  6. All editing will need to be done on the same device used to capture the image. In other words, you can take a break from light room, Photoshop elements or photo competition.
  7. We will have awards for first, second, third, HM as well as the following special awards:
    • The ham award for best selfie
    • The two cute award for best candid shot every person or pet
    • The I can’t believe it’s not butter award for the image that looks least like it was taking with a cell phone
    • The OMG exclamation point award for photo most likely to go viral with a witty caption
  8. The special awards will be chosen from all entries.
  9. Have fun taking and editing your pictures with your non-camera only device.

Enter an image into the contest

Cell phone contest chair: Jerry Martin