The check list below was compiled by Dallas Camera Club Member, Dennis Fritsche. It is an excellent guideline if not a near definitive list of things to consider about your image before entering it into a contest.

Online entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. the Sunday prior to the DCC competition meeting. If the image size is too large, the image is not eligible for judging. A confirmation email will be sent after a successful upload. If you do not receive a confirmation message, you must contact the Competition Chairperson to get your images to her before the deadline.


  • Is it clear that you put in an effort?
  • Is it clear that you intended to create art?


  • Is there a clear subject?
  • Is it ordinary or special? Is it more than a record shot?
  • Has the judge seen it a hundred times? Is there something unique about your interpretation?
  • Are you attached to it because of the memory it brings you and will anyone else care?


  • Is the subject in a power point?
  • Are there design elements – leading lines, etc. that draw the viewer to the subject?
  • Can you do something to further emphasize the subject – such as vignette or edge burn or blur?
  • Have you overdone this and made it obvious?
  • Is there something competing with the subject – a bright or dark area, for instance?
  • Are the borders clear of clutter?
  • Is the image straight?
  • Are the horizons well placed – normally at a 1/3 point?
  • Can you crop to improve one of the above?


  • Is the subject in focus?
  • Is the image sharp but not overly sharpened in post processing?
  • Is the photograph well exposed? Do highlights and shadows have detail?
  • Are the colors believable?
  • Do the colors POP without being overly saturated?
  • Can you enhance the image or correct faults in post processing?
  • Is the paper, mounting, and matting appropriate for the image.

Please Note
Digital files of both projected entries and print entries must be submitted online. Your prints will not be considered for competition if you do not upload them digitally on the website as well.