of the
Dallas Camera Club
Amended and Restated – August 28, 2018

ARTICLE I—Name and Place
The name of this organization shall be the "Dallas Camera Club" and it shall be located in Dallas, Texas. The Club is a voluntary association organized for education and scientific purposes, not for profit.

ARTICLE II—Objective
The objective of the Club shall be the mutual entertainment and education of its members in all forms of amateur photographic art.

ARTICLE III—Membership
Any person who is interested in photography and is willing to share their photographic experiences with other members of the Club may become a member on application for membership and payment of dues. The minimum age for membership shall be 18 years old. A member shall reside near the Dallas-Fort Worth area and attend at least four (4) meetings a year in order to participate in member-only activities. Only members in good standing shall have the right to vote at Club meetings. The Board may, by two-thirds vote, expel a member for any cause which they may deem adequate.

Since the Club is not organized for profit, the purpose of dues shall be to provide funds to cover expenses of operation and such forms of entertainment and education as may be provided. The dues may be raised or lowered by the Board as the need for funds demands. Dues shall be paid annually by a date to be set by the Board. A member whose dues are not paid by their due date shall be considered not in good standing. A person who is not in good standing shall not be entitled to hold elective office or participate in member-only activities.

ARTICLE V—Meetings
Regular meetings of the Club shall be held in Dallas twice each month at such place and hour as may be designated by the Board, which shall also have the power to change the date and hour of these meetings. Special meetings of the Club may be scheduled by the Board or the President at any time, and shall be scheduled by the President upon written request of five (5) members in good standing. At least five (5) days notice of any special meeting shall be communicated by email to all members. Other Club meetings and events for the purposes of entertainment or education may be held at any time upon email communication to all members. At all meetings of the Board, a quorum shall consist of not less than seven (7) Officers present.

The Officers of the Club shall be the President, President Elect, Communication Director, Competition Director, Education Director, Field Trip Director, Membership Director, Program Director, Secretary, Treasurer and Past President. The Officers shall constitute the Board of Directors of the Club. Officers shall hold office for one (1) Club year or until their successors shall be chosen. The Club year shall be April 1 through March 31 the following calendar year. The fiscal year for financial reports shall be January 1 to December 31 of a calendar year. All Officers shall be elected by the membership. The President Elect shall chair a Nominating Committee to select a slate of Officers for the upcoming year. This Nominating Committee shall report the proposed slate of Officers to the Club members on or before the second meeting in January. The election of new Officers shall be held on or before the first meeting in February. Should a vacancy occur in the office of the President, the President Elect shall assume the office of the President. Other vacancies occurring from any causes during the term for which Officers are elected shall be filled by appointment of the President. All progressions and appointments resulting from vacancies shall be limited to the balance of the Club fiscal year. Officers and other appointed positions shall serve without pay.

ARTICLE VII—Duties of Officers
The President shall be responsible for the general management and administration of the Club, preside at all meetings of the Club and the Board, and abide by and enforce the Bylaws of the Club, and he/she shall be empowered to appoint such committees, Club representatives and project managers as he/she may deem necessary. The President Elect shall assist the President and other Officers in the management of the Club in preparation for assuming the presidency, perform all the duties incumbent on the President in his/her absence and succeed the President in the event the President shall become unable to perform his/her duties. The President Elect shall otherwise perform the duties delegated by the President or other Officers. The Communication Director shall be responsible for the Club website and monthly newsletter (Thru the Lens). The Competition Director shall be responsible for the monthly projected image and print competitions and special annual competitions for the Club. The Education Director shall be responsible for all educational and mentoring programs for the Club. The Field Trip Director shall be responsible for field trips for the Club. The Membership Director shall be responsible for processing new and renewed memberships and maintaining a membership roster. The Program Director shall be responsible for the monthly speakers and programs for the Club meetings. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of Club meetings and those of the Board and turn over all Club records in his/her possession to his/her successor in office when duly chosen. The Treasurer shall deposit all Club money received in a bank or trust company approved by the Board, keep a correct record of receipts and disbursements, render a full financial report annually or as requested by the Board, and turn over all Club property in his/her possession to his/her successor in office when duly chosen. The Board shall generally administer the affairs and supervise the finances of the Club.

ARTICLE VIII—Amendments Amendments or additions to these Bylaws shall be made only at regular meetings of the Club by majority vote of the members in good standing present. Amendments may be proposed by any member in good standing in writing. The written copy shall be presented to an Officer. Voting on amendments shall be held at the following regular meeting, on advance notice of such being emailed to all members in good standing at least five (5) days prior to voting. Prior Constitution and Bylaws – Date adopted unknown