The GSCCC is a regional organization of approximately 34 camera clubs with about 1,700 members in TX, OK, NM, LA, and MS. The Dallas Camera Club is affiliated with the Council. This provides the DCC member with an opportunity to participate in multi-state competitions, a challenging learning opportunity that should not be missed.

GSCCC competitions are held monthly with alternating topics. Entries may be submitted to the GSCCC representatives at each first Tuesday meeting of the DCC. If feasible, submit several prints or projected images to the representatives so that they will have a choice from which to select the DCC entries. The allowable submissions can vary from competition to competition. The GSCCC representatives will solicit submissions from the DCC members each month and will inform members of the number of each category that are allowed for that competition.

The participating DCC member is encouraged to regularly review their images for possible future entries. A member’s winner in monthly DCC competitions will be reviewed for possible submission to GSCCC competitions. The GSCCC holds an annual convention that includes annual competitions. The conventions are held in different cities in the member states each year. The GSCCC representative will provide convention and other GSCCC information to the DCC and to the DCC newsletter.