DCC Training

Houston Brown

Mr. Houston Brown is head of the club's training schedule. Houston, along with other members, will show you how to improve your photography and post processing skills for approximately 45 minutes before each meeting. Each session is completely different so please refer to the schedule below.

Where possible, each training session will be posted on the web for later review. You can find these recordings under education, but you must be a member to view and you must be logged in.

Class starts promptly at 6:30 PM
Meeting starts at 7:30 PM

Upcoming Training Classes

Study Group Nov 11, 2014

Study Groups will be held as part of the pre-meeting training program starting at 6:30 prior to the meeting. Bring your prints and projected images to discuss in a small group led by a master photographer. See Mentoring Study Groups tab below for more info.

See Mentoring Study Groups tab below for more info.

Training Class Nov 25, 2014

Instead of one large group for training, we will be brakign up into multiple groups that night for training. This will be very similar to Study Group, except instead of critiquing your image, we will be teaching you how to edit them.

Stay tuned for training topics.