Monthly Competitions

There is nothing like a little friendly competition to promote better photography. Without it, most of us would never get better at our craft/hobby. Each month the Dallas Camera Club conducts competitions for its members. Each member turns in one image for each of the categories.

  • Color print
  • Monochrome print
  • Digital image

The images are then sent by their respective chairpersons to a qualified judge. The judge records his scores and comments on a recorder which are then played back at the next competition meeting. (Second Tuesday of each month) Every other competition will have a topic to challenge our members to go out and shoot something specific. Below is a list of this year's topics and definitions.

Projected & Printed Images

Susan Burciaga

Susan Burciaga is your Projected Image Chairpersons. Susan is the the one who receives all the images that you submit for Projected Images. If you have questions about anything relating to Projected Images, you should contact Susan Burciaga or feel free to ask any of the other members at one of our meetings.

Competition Topics and Definitions 2014-2015

History of Competition Topics

Due DateDescriptionUpdated: 4-5-2013Example (click image to enlarge)
May 20, 2014



Prints & Projected:
David Leeson & Kim Ritzenthaler Leeson

Jun 10, 2014

Things in a Row: The depiction of elements that are grouped into one or more rows. These elements may be found naturally in rows or items that are arranged into one or more rows for the purpose of the photo. For example; theater seats, window panes on a skyscraper, small objects arranged on a tabletop or cars in a parking lot.


Prints: Steve Bomar
Projected: Max Burke

July 8, 2014



Prints: Mike Muzuel II
Projected: Carole Kropscot

Aug 12, 2014

Motion Blur - Depiction of a subject that is in motion with corresponding motion blur created in camera. This includes images where the subject is moving and blurred, the background is blurred due to panning with a moving subject or both. It does not include images of still objects blurred by moving the camera, images of moving objects without motion blur and blur of any kind added in during post-processing.


Prints: Thomas Jackson
Projected: Guy Renolds

Sep 9, 2014



Prints: Sam Reeves
Projected: Maegan Rachelle

Oct 14, 2014

Humor - Images depicting something funny and in good taste. This includes visual puns, funny candid moments and other images that might make the judge laugh. Warning, there’s no guarantee that the judge will “get” the humor in your image and undoubtedly they will factor that into their scoring. Also, the title of your image may be just as important as the image itself. Offensive jokes, Humorous subjects out of context and images of people laughing are examples of invalid entries.


Prints: Clark Crenshaw
Projected: Loli Kantor

Nov 11, 2014



Prints: Cyndi Long & Laura Gonzales
Projected: Rob Hull

Dec 9, 2014

Abandoned -Images of a structure or structures, from the inside or out, that has been abandoned, permanently closed or is otherwise in a state of decay. This includes houses, businesses, farm related buildings, etc. It does not include automobiles, garbage or other discarded pieces of equipment, vehicles or general use items. For example, a mobile home would fit the theme while an RV would not.


Prints: Noel Kerns
Projected: David Mayhew

Jan 13, 2014



Prints: TBD
Projected: TBD

Feb 10, 2015

The Four Seasons- An image that evokes the mood of one or more of the four seasons. Images must include an element of the outdoors and may be an urban, rural or natural setting. Entries must also convey an obvious seasonal attribute. Generic landscape images where the season is vague are not allowed. Also not allowed are images of items or indoor settings related to a given season but without an “out of doors” element. For example, snowscapes, spring flowers in a garden, and fall foliage would be allowed while images of a decorated Christmas tree in a living room, flowers in a vase or a studio still life with sunglasses and suntan lotion would not.


Prints: TBD

The months not mentioned here are OPEN topics, meaning that your image can be of anything except nudes.