The Photographic Society of America (PSA) is the largest organization of its kind in the world, bringing together amateur and professionals in all the varied fields of photography, including color slides, nature, pictorial prints, stereo (3-D), electronic photography, video/motion pictures, photojournalism, travel photography, and devotees of every process in which the worldwide membership is interested. Assistance from experts and educational programs are available to all members. The Photographic Society of America has a membership of approximately 18,000. This total includes about 1500 organizations and about 3,000 foreign members. The Dallas Camera Club is a member of PSA.

Although the national PSA does not, as an organization, conduct competitions, it does offer extensive guidance, assistance, and recognition attributes for regional, national, and international competitions and exhibitions that are sponsored by one or more local photographic groups.

The PSA Journal, the monthly magazine, is full of how-to articles, valuable photographic information, and great photographs. The individual member can join the PSA and one or more of these divisions and obtain many forms of assistance, including personal photography critiques, loan portfolios for study, portfolio competitions and technical help.

PSA Membership Information