Pre-Meeting Classes:

New Member Orientation

Instructor: Jerry Martin
Class Availability: This Class Is Offered on

Aug 14, Oct 9, Jan 8, March 12, May 14

Class Duration: Single Session
Where: Main meeting room

This class is HIGHLY recommended for new members. The DCC offers a lot of activity which can be quite confusing to new members. This class will help to navigate the events.

If you wish to attend this class, simply show up before the meeting before 6:15PM.

 The Power of Lightroom

Instructor: Dennis Fritsche
Class Availability: Open*
Class Duration: Last Class July 24, 2018
Where: Aaron Youth Center (AYC)

*Required purchase of Michael Frye’s Book “Landscapes in Lightroom” – Read through page 26 for Feb 13.


Registration: Open
Frank Richards
Class Availability: Available
Class Duration: 4-6 Months
Where: Room 18

Developing a Critical Approach to Looking at Photographs

Registration: Required. email to
Larry Petterborg
Class Availability: Open (Starts in September 2018)

Where: Room 11