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·          Fashion Photography for Beginners - Helpful basic tips, plus 15+ links to other articles

·          Phlearn – This is probably the best Photoshop tutorial site out there. There are FREE beginner videos and very affordable more advanced photoshop videos. His paid videos are 90 minutes or more and are VERY in-depth. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

· – simply the best (Different payment plans starting at $25.00/month)

·         Photoshop Training - YouTube videos about all thing Photoshop. Very Good.

·         Affordable Colleges Online – This guide explores the demands and rewards of pursuing an online photography degree while also reviewing the various skills necessary for different career paths in photography.

·         Creative Live – This online company gets top trainers and holds 1-3 day online training seminars. Videos of the entire training can then be purchased for later review from $99-$149.

· – Very good as well ($24.95 a month or $199 for a year)

·         Lightroom Tutorials – Julieanne Kost is a Adobe evangelist for Adobe Systems. Very good and FREE tutorials.

·         Lightroom with Matt Kloskowski - Lots of really good tutorials for Lightroom beginners to more advanced users.

·         Russell Brown – Very entertaining guy and really knows his stuff. Another Adobe guy.

·         70 Excellent Photoshop resources – by Six Revisions

·         Bogen – Educational resources for everyone

·         Lastolite – Mostly shows off their product line but still has some very useful FREE information about photography.

·         Photoflex Lighting School – Pretty much as the title says.

·         Adobe TV – All things Adobe

·         D Town TV – This show is all about Nikon & Canon camera bodies and lenses and it is FREE.

·         Rights as a Photographer – A blog entry about your rights as a photographer. A good rule of thumb but this is not to be taken as legal advice.

· – This is a monthly webinar that features various professional photographers teaching you tips and techniques about photography. This is NOT FREE but I encourage you to check it out.

·         Ask Dave Cross – you ask Dave Photoshop questions, and he answers them. See the answers in these videos.

·         Tim Grey – Digital imaging expert


· – Create you own hard cover photo albums. For personal use or as gifts. Awesome.

·         Tiny Prints – Personalize Birth Announcements, Business Cards, Party Invitations and More at Tiny Prints
Special discount code is available for DCC members. You can get this code from this page if you are logged in.

·         Shutterfly – Personalized photo cards, stationery & great photo gifts for any occasion.
Special discount code is available for DCC members. You can get this code from this page if you are logged in.


·         Pounds Labs – Local printing and mounting of your prints. You can get a variety of merchandise printed on.

·         BWC – Very high quality printing.


·         The Art of Photography (Video blog) - Excellent topics about photography. He is also in Ft. Worth.

·         Three Blind Men - The most knowledgeable guy on YouTube when it comes to camera gear for both photography and video.

·         Tony and Chelsea Northrup - This married couple has lots to say about gear and industry and all kinds of info pertaining to photography.

·         Camera Dojo – CameraDojo is a site dedicated to helping people get the most out of their photography by providing good quality tutorials, product reviews, and an active forum.

· – Scott Bourne, nature photographer

·         Going PRO – Another blog by Scott Bourne and Skip Cohen

·         Kevin Winzeler – Commercial Photographer

·         Lightroom Killer Tips – Matt Kloskowski from Photoshop User TV

·         Adobe Photoshop Lightroom – Excellent source for the latest Lightroom news.

· – interviews with great masters of Photography each week. Also does Podcasts

· – If you don’t know who Joe McNally is, you need to. He is the light guru of the industry and quite funny as well.

·         Lindsay Adler – Fashion photographer. She is only 24 but has been picked up by some really big names and does some amazing work and is a great person to educate you on social media for photographers.

· – David Hobby’s blog is THE most referred to site on the internet when it comes to learning how to use your speedlight (flash). Years of information and some videos reside here. If you are interested in lighting with speedlights, this is your go-to place.

· – Behind the scenes video of photoshoots.


·         The Candid Frame – The world’s best interview show about photography. (self proclaimed)

·         Photoshop User TV – A weekly show produced by NAPP with Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski, and Dave Cross.

·         DPReview - These guys have both a website and a YouTube channel that focuses on gear. The website is THE GOTO lace for the most extensive camera reviews that you will find anywhere.


·         Nikon Digital Photographer user group

·         Photoshop Lightroom Help and Support – Excellent one stop shopping for all things Lightroom


·         DPReview - THE goto place for the latest in depth camera reviews.

·         Outdoor Photo Gear – Gear for outdoor photographers.

·         Westcot – Beginner lighting equipment from Westcot


·         Peter Yang – A texas boy that used to shoot for the Austin Chronicle but now lives in Brooklyn and shoots lots of rock stars.

·         Gregory Heisler – A New York photographer who is renowned for his technical mastery and thoughtful responsiveness.

·         Jeremy Cowart – Comes from a graphic design background, photographer for only 4 years.

·         Crash Taylor – Where some of the world’s finest photographers talk about the images they create

·         After Capture – Used to be a magazine that is moving online.


·         Planet Photoshop – Learn how to do special effects with your photos and text in Photoshop. Lots of info on this site with video tutorials on a lot of effects.


· – Calibrate you camera to your workflow (Advanced users) Bridge and Lightroom come with generic calibration profiles but if you are not happy with the way that your software is displaying your RAW or DNG files, you can create a custom profile for this.

·         Web Browser Color Management – Make sure your images look good on the web.

·         Library of Congress – Register Your images online – If you are not planning on going pro, selling your images, or you wouldn’t mind seeing your image in the media without getting paid for it, then you really do not need to register your images.









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