Dallas Camera Club: Past Programs: 

March                         Roger Sanderson
April                            Potpourri
May                             Peter Smyth
June                             Adam Jones (Canon)
July                              Ron Marabito
August                        Dan Leffer
September                   Nathan Harmon
October                       “Bird Competition”
November                   Winn Fuqua
December                    No program

January                        Rob Hull
February                      Roger Moore (Muzunga)
March                          Jay Miller
April                            Potpourri
May                             Don Smarto
June                             Sean Fitzgerald
July                              Tom Fox
August                        Clark Crenshaw
September                   David Leeson
October                       “Bird Competition”
November                   Scott Miller (Sun to Moon Gallery)
December                    No program

January                        Kim Ratzenthaler
February                      Lewis Kemper (Canon)
March                          Eleanore Avery
April                            Jeff Baker & Larry Travis: Fashion Portraiture (214-272-9792)
May                             Paula Buzenius: The Best of Paula Buzenius
June                             Winn Fuqua: Changing Light & Making Your Own Luck
July                              Eric Clement: My Career in Naval Photography  (940-231-2129)
August                        Drew Hendrix (Red River Paper)
September                   Hal Ungar: Light: The Key to Good Photography(214-207-0554)
October                       “Bird Competition”
November                   Scott Williams: European Landscape Photography
December                    No Program

January                        Kaye Hargis: Reflections on Photography
February                      John Hill
March                          No program
April                            Eleanor Avery: African Photographs
May                             Peter Poulidas:  My Development as a Photographer
June                             Steve Kozak:  Scenics and Landscapes  (972-601-9070)
July                              Diana Souza:  Chronicle of a Creative Life (214-824-5875)
August                        Larry Lourcey:  Cell Phone Photography (972-596-8888)
September                   Frank Richards: The Best of Frank Richards
October                       Craig Scotland:  Photos of Ireland and Scotland (817-346-6448)
November                   Justin Terveen:  Skies, Clouds, and the Urban Landscape
December                    No Program

January                        Dennis Fritsche: The Best of Dennis Fritsche
February                      Doug Box: Inspiration in Photography (979-272-5555)
March                          Steve Bomar: How to Win Photo Contests (817-905-9241)
April                            Gary Kelly: The Best of Gary Kelly
May                             Hal Waller: Making Duplicates (951-206-9252)
June                             Eleanore Avery
July                              Bill Naifeh: The Best of Bill Naifeh
August                        Marea Downey: A Photographic Journey (972-713-8634)
September                   Member Participation Portrait Shoot
October                       Bird Competition in Dallas
November                   Steve Ellinger: Fashion Photography (325-695-6281)
December                    No program

January                        Houston Brown: The Best of Houston Brown
February                      Chanelle Harris (214-893-6681): Making Your Photos Pop with   Lightroom, Photoshop, and Topaz
March                          Ron Shue (817-304-3220): Yellowstone and Grand Tetons
April                            Amy Holmes George: The Most Common Mistakes   Photographers Make (469-261-5948)
May                             Steve Reeves: My Development as a Photographer
June                             Robert (Chuck) Shreve Landscape Photography (214-226-9717)
July                              David Newman: Contributions of the Great Photographers
August                        Graham Hobart: Finding Your Visual Voice (972-633-0536)
September                   Nighttime Shoot for members.  No program presenter.
October                       John Murray: Take a Longer Look (817-797-6102)
November                   Scott Hilton: How Painters Influenced Photographers & Photographers Influenced Painters (214-298-1704)
December                    No Program

January                        Winn Fuqua: Drone Photography (469-867-3782)
February                      David Morgan:  Wildlife Around the World (817-629-0363)
March                          Jeff Glass: The Best of Jeff Glass
April                            Tim Heitman:  What Sports Photographers Have in Common with Pet Photographers (214-793-7934)   
May                             Lyn Caudle: Pushing Perspective & Punishing Pixels. In Camera Visual Effects Techniques (972-979-5006)
June                             David Bergman (Canon Explorer of Light):  Separate Yourself from the Pack
July                              Lupita Murillo-Tinnen: Environmental Portraiture (972-881-5107)
August                        Louis DeLuca: Photojournalism: Documenting History
September                   Frank Richards: Leading the Eye
October                       Scot Miller: Landscape Photography (214 745-1199)
November                   Bob Sherman:  Plan Before You Shoot
December                    No Program

January                        National Parks Program by DCC members
February                      Richard Sharum: Street Photography vs. Documentary Photojournalism  (972 951-7448)
March                          Mike Mezeul: Landscapes & Weather
April                            Can Turk:  The Metaphysics of Portraits (214 789-1814)
May                             Printmaking by Steve Reeves
June                             Susan Stageman: Ordinary Moments in Still Life
July                              Frank Lopez: From Pinholes to Pixels: A Discussion of Integration of 19th-21st Century Technologies
August                        Scott Hilton: Landscape Photography in the American West
September                   Tom Fox & Smilely Pool: Black Lives March in Dallas
October                       The Bird Competition
November                   Michelle Marshall:  Lessons in Perception & Perspective: 18 Months Around the World (469-618-8766) 
December                    No Program

January                        Around the World with the Dallas Camera Club
February                      Carolyn Brown: Inspiration in Photography (214-720-6006)
March                          Mike Hill:  Africa
April                            Giraud Polite: Things I’ve Seen Before (972-860-4282)
May                             Irwin Lightstone:  Macro Rules  (214-529-7046)
June                             Ron Hasty: Night Photography (940-395-6088)
July                              Marion Hughes: Dirty Little Secrets of Digital Photography
August                        Larry Petterborg: A Photographic Retrospective: Lessons Learned
September                   No program
October                       Peter Poulidas: Travel Photography (214-630-4909)
November                   Diana Souza:  Dallas Down Low (214-475-6077)
December                    No program

January                        Around North America with the Dallas Camera Club
February                      Kay Hale: Impact in Photography
March                          Erin Reeves: Writing, Photography, & Creative Evolution
April                            Irwin Lightstone:  Why B/W Whn Color is so Rlistic & Btiful
May                             Ashley Landis: Art of Doing Something Different (512-618-2468)
June                             Tracy Allard:  Striving for Excellence & Mastery (972-345-7852)
July                              Loli Kantor: Presence (817-371-1413)
August                        Jay Hoppenstein: To Tell a Story
September                  Evans Caglage:  A Look Back at Fashion & More (214-208-4133)
October                       Bird Competition
November                   Mike Mezeul II (972-365-0118)
December                    No program

January                        Photos of Texas, but not DFW, by Dallas Camera Club members
February                      Jeremy Woodhouse: Around World in 80 Photos (469-381-5310)
March                          No Program - Cancalled due to Corvid 19 Virus Pandemic
April                            Tom Savage: Safaris in Tanzania
May                             Nikola Olic:  Structure Photography
June                             Adam Jones: Canon Explorer or Light
July                              Alan Whiteside: From Photographic Tourist to Explorer
December                    No program

2021January                        Photos of DFW by Dallas Camera Club members

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