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All Images must adhere to the Competition Rules

MAY 2020

Projected: Open
Color Print: Open
Monochrome Print: Open

JUNE 2020

Projected: Urban
Color Print: Urban
Monochrome Print: Open

Projected & Color Print - Urban: 

The photograph you take for this competition, should convey a sense of being in a city or town.  It may include people, transportation, old buildings, architectural detail, urban landmarks, freeways or any other subject that gives the viewer the message that you are in an urban environment.  Artistic interpretation and/or storytelling in your image would, as always, be a plus.


JULY 2020

Projected: Open
Color Print: Open
Monochrome Print: Open


Projected Topic: Nostalgia
Color Print : Open 
Monochrome Print : Open

Projected: Nostalgia

A nostalgic photograph “depicts a scene that once was and is no longer”, whether physically or emotionally.  It may combine emotion with memories and may be idealized to make something seem better than it really was.  The photograph you take should convey a sense of a time gone by that evokes memories. Be imaginative in an attempt to tell a story.  Lighting and color, or lack of color, may play an important role in evoking feeling in the image.



Projected : Open 
Color Print : Open 
Monochrome Print : Open


Projected: B&W Photojournalism
Color Print: :Open
Monochrome Print: B&W Photojournalism
Due: October 6, 2019

Projected & Monochrome Print: B&W Photojournalism

Photojournalism is the telling of a story through photographs.  It has been described as at its best when it focuses on drama, action, expression, context and questions.  But it is fundamentally about telling a story.  A sports event, a parade, a demonstration, a political rally, a construction or demolition site, a city council meeting or a thousand other options present opportunities for photojournalism.  The photographer may have to get outside of their comfort zone to capture an interesting image.

The photograph must be candid and objective and must follow the rules outlined in the Photographic Society of America Photojournalism guidelines:



Projected Topic: Open
Color Print Topic: Open 
Monochrome Print Topic: Open  


Projected: Trees
Color Print: Trees
Monochrome Print: Open

Projected and Color Print: Trees

“Trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven”, according to a 19th Century philosopher.  Trees offer endless possibilities and challenges for photographers.  Compose an image that brings out the character of a single tree.  Or focus on a tree or a portion of a tree, showing its prominence in the surrounding landscape.  Or even photograph a small grouping of trees or a stand of trees that can show color or character.

Lighting is a critical part of the impact of the image.  Clouds, rain, fog and shadows are elements that can set an image apart from others. 



Projected: Open
Color Print: Open
Monochrome Print: Open
Due: January 12, 2020


Projected: Reflect Scale
Color Print: Open
Monochrome Print: Open

Projected: Reflect Scale

The way we photograph a subject can have an impact the viewer’s perception.  A common method of showing scale is by including a reference object of a known size to allow the viewer to make a connection between that and the surrounding environment.

Other factors can influence the perception of scale…

·         The use of perspective, i.e. photographing from a higher or lower point of view.
·         The selection of lens.  Scale may appear different when using a standard, a wide angle or a telephoto lens.
·         The creative use of composition, including the use of leading lines and negative space.

Create an image that provides the viewer with a sense of scale.


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