The Bird

The Emily Guthrie Smith Award, affectionately referred to as “The Bird” competition, has been held each year since 1964 between the Dallas Camera Club and Fort Worth Camera Club.

The Bird is a perpetual trophy engraved with the name of the winning club each year. The competition is held in October and the two clubs take turns hosting it. This is a great opportunity to meet our neighbor photographers.

Each club submits 15 color or monochrome prints and 15 projected images of all subject matter to be judged real-time at the meeting by a panel of judges. The club with the most points wins and will get to keep the trophy for the next year.

The following are the mutually agreed upon guidelines for the competition.


1.     The location of the competition will alternate between clubs each year and will be held in October.

2.     The host club sets the date and time approximately two months prior to the event and notifies the visiting club.

3.     The host club will provide facilities, necessary scoring and presentation equipment, score sheets and three judges for the competition.

4.     Directions to the meeting (competition) site are given on the host’s website or will be provided.

5.     The prior year’s winner will bring the Bird trophy to the competition with the engraving updated.


1.     Each club will submit 15 prints (monochrome or color) and 15 digital projected images.

2.     No more than one print and one projected image may be entered by a single maker.

3.     No image may have been entered in prior D/FW Interclub competitions.

4.     The host club’s regular intraclub competition rules for size, preparation and presentation of images, as found on its website, will govern except that prints may conform to either club’s regular print size limits.

5.     Labeling images

o    Each print will be labeled on the back in the upper left corner identifying the club, order to be shown, maker and image title, e.g. FWCC3, My Name, Image Title.

o    Each projected image’s file name will include the club, order to be shown, maker and image title, e.g. DCC7_My Name_Image Title.jpg.

6.     Lists, for both prints and projected images, with maker’s names, image titles and presentation order will be provided to the host club prior to the meeting.

7.     Delivery of images

o    The visiting club will bring their prints to the competition.

o    The visiting club’s projected images will be provided to the host club several days prior to the meeting.

8.     The host club’s images will be randomly interspersed with the visiting club’s entries maintaining the desired presentation order of each club.

9.     The host club will make up score sheets with all images listed in the order to be shown. At least four copies will be provided to the visiting club.


1.     The competition will be judged real-time. The host club will provide three judges who are not current or recent members of the host club.

2.     Images will be introduced by title as they are presented to the judges.

3.     The scores of each judge will be added together to determine the final score of each image. Judges may re-score images at their discretion prior to the end the competition.

4.     The host club will provide the scoring system. Each club will provide one official scorekeeper. The club with the highest combined score for prints and projected images will be the winner of The Bird for the year.

5.     The judges will select 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Honorable Mention winners for both prints and projected images. The host club will provide awards for all winners.


2019 - TBD 2005 DCC 1991 FCC
1977 FCC
2018 FCC 2004 FCC
1990 DCC
1976 DCC
2017 FCC
2003 FCC
1989 DCC 1975 no record
2016 F- No Contest 2002 DCC 1988 DCC 1974 FCC
2015 FCC 2001 FCC 1987 FCC 1973 DCC
2014 FCC 2000 DCC 1986 DCC 1972 FCC
2013 FCC 1999 FCC 1985 FCC 1971 DCC
2012 FCC 1998 DCC 1984 FCC 1970 FCC
2011 FCC 1997 FCC 1983 FCC 1969 FCC
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2009 FCC 1995 FCC 1981 DCC 1967 DCC
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2006 DCC 1992 FCC 1978 DCC 1964 FCC

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