Field Trip -  April 17 to April 19, 2020
High Island, Tx

High Island is a small town on the Bolivar Peninsula about 70 miles southeast of Houston.   Portions of the town have been purchased by the Houston Audubon Society and converted into four bird sanctuaries.  The appealing for photography is at Smith Oaks Pond on the north side of town where there is a very accessible rookery with hundreds of Roseate Spoonbills and Great Egrets.   At this time of year there should be chicks in the nests.

There is an $8 per day fee for entry to the sanctuaries, or yearly passes are available for $30.  There are pay stations near the Boy Scout Woods and at Smith Oaks.  Also, you can go online at and order a yearly pass in advance. 

Also in the area is the Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge with a baord walk through a cypress swamp. And Shovler Pond Auto Tour for birds and maybe alligators. Shooting sunrise or sunset on the beach at Bolivar Peninsula. And if you have enough time, ride the ferry to Galveston.

Accommodations are plentiful in Winnie which is 18 miles north on hwy 124 or in Galveston which is down hwy 87 and by ferry 35 miles away.   More information is available at .

We'll get together for dinner Saturday evening at 5:30pm at Lercy's Diner in Stowell which is about 10 miles north of High Island on hwy 124.   This will give us time to go out for the sunset at 7:45pm.

Call me at 972-824-4106 if you have questions.

Gary Kelly


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