Things I Do in Photoshop That I Can't Do in Lightroom - Dennis Fritsche
 Topics PDF   Class VIDEO     LINK to Steve's Perry Video on PS fix for tight crop.

Support (Tripods) and Shot Discipline - Dennis Fritsche 

Impact of Black and White John Lehman

Volunteer Photography - Lois Lehman

Managing Mobile Photos - David Swinney


Workflow Process - Cliff McKenzie

How I Made It
 February 24, 2022 VIDEO (This video exceeds 1 hour. TO see it all, download to your computer and play locally)
   David Mann - Compositing Fireworks
   Dennis Fritsche - Seeing in Black and White  PDF

 May 3, 2022   (Larry Petterborg making a GIF, Bill Matlock photographing dancers, Dennis Fritsche focus stacking)  VIDEO
   Larry Petterborg - Making a GIF   PDF

  June 9, 2022 (Rich Kidner - polarized light to light a saw and other shiny objects, make smoke in PS, Dennis Fritsche - panorama, demo making a GIF)  - VIDEO
   Craig Rowen - provided a PS brush to make fog and smoke DOWNLOAD 

Seeing Beyond the SubjectAlan Whiteside
  Part 1      PDF    VIDEO
  Part 2      PDF    VIDEO
  Part 3      PDF    VIDEO
  Part 4      PDF    VIDEO

Image Review  - Anita Oakley and Dennis Fritsche Host
  February 10, 2022   VIDEO
  March 29, 2022 - VIDEO
  June 23, 2022  - VIDEO

Introduction to Club Competition - Frank Richards
  Session 1 - Overview   VIDEO
  Session 2 - Composition and Image Discussion   VIDEO
  Session 3 - Directing the Eye and Image Review  VIDEO
  Session 4 - Color Spaces and Resolution and Image Review VIDEO

Lightroom Classic Masking 2022
Session 1 - Overview and Tools    PDF    VIDEO
   Session 2 - Examples and Combining Tools  VIDEO

Ask Me Anything
20220201 - Exporting, Moire, challenging masking   - VIDEO
   20220310 - Photographing in harsh light, histograms, more - VIDEO
                      When to use Topaz tools. Provided by David Swinney PDF
   20220414  VIDEO    
   20220607  VIDEO    Resizing PDF - 
resize images  in PS and LR, Topaz Gigapixel and Denoise AI, suggestions on copyright in camera and LR, scanning old photos and film, content aware move tool. See first hand information from Jim Weatherford an scanning.            
Epson Scanner Slide Settings by Jim Weatherford HERE

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