2024 February - Lensbaby Presentation Notes - Janet Cunningham PDF

2023 February - Dennis Fritsche Themes and Projects PDF 
                            Getting Here 20140129  PDF

2022 November - Presentation Recent Work by Frank Richards  PDF

2022 September - Chris Rusanowsky: His Journey as a Photojournalist VIDEO

2022 February - Sean Fitzgerald Photographing Prairies  Zoom Video   Resource Page Link This is the link to the LED. https://www.nitecorestore.com/category-s/4123.htm

2022 January - MembersShow - Life Around Us  VIDEO

2021 October - Dalis Foglia and Steve Hawiszczak - Route 66 for Photographers  ZoomVideo    Folder with Presentations

2021 September - Larry Petterborg - Personal Projects   PDF   VIDEO

2021 August - Jeff Parker  VIDEO

2021 June Carla Golden   VIDEO

2021 May Jim Walsh   PDF    VIDEO

2021 April Robert Moore VIDEO

2021 March Smiley Pool VIDEO

2020 November Program: Edgar Miller Secret Sauce VIDEO

2020 October Program: Adam Jones, A Prestigious Canon Explorer of Light Presented Through the Lens of Adam Jones

You can find more about Adam on his Website
Details about his upcoming workshops can be found HERE

2020 September Program: The Invisible Story: Artistic Infrared Photography with Shelley Vandegrift      VIDEO    PDF   FALSE COLOR PDF

2020 August: The Art of Observing and Anticipation: Photojournalism/Street Photography/Documentary with Daniel Rodrigue
                       VIDEO    SCAVENGER HUNT    LINK TO REFERENCE MATERIAL     Cartier-Bresson Video

2020 July: Tanzania with Tom Savage VIDEO 

2020 June: From Photographic Tourist to Explorer by Alan Whiteside   VIDEO    PRESENTATION PDF

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