2019-2020 End of Year AWARDS
High Points Awards
First Second Third
Beginner Projected Donna Griffiths Joanne Sadlowski Keni Evans
Beginner Monochrome Donna Griffiths Keni Evans Phil Wirth
Beginner Color Donna Griffiths Tom Davies Jim Stull
Advanced Projected HughAdams Susan Kindley Phil Wirth
Advanced Monochrome Clinton Kemp Susan Kindley Larry Golden
Advanced Color Clinton Kemp Susan Kindley Sharon Collins
Master Projected Richard Stern Rolando Solis Dennis Fritsche
Master Monochrome Kaye Hargis Jay Hoppenstein Hugh Adams
Master Color Alan Whiteside Dennis Fritsche Kaye Hargis
Image of the Year - Print 1ST Place 2ND Place 3RD Place
Beginner Monochrome
Winner Donna Griffiths Donna Griffiths Lola Laird
Image Title White Rock Lake Pelicans Ice Bubbles in a Flooded Corn Field Apparition
Beginner Color
Winner Donna Griffiths Keni Evans Keni Evans
Image Title Ethereal Folds of Scrap Metal Abandoned I Spy
Advanced Monochrome
Winner Jason Ware Cliunton Kemp Clinton Kemp
Image Title Locomotive Magnified Moonflower Black Church of Budir, Iceland
Advanced Color
Winner Susan Kindley David Mann Sunil Mehta
Image Title Peeling Bark Tulip Red Turban
Master Monochrome
Winner Jan Dreskin-Haig Jay Hoppenstein Michael Farnham
Image Title Cowboy with Lasso and Shadow Solitude Gone for the Day
Masters Color
Winner Kaye Hargis Hugh Adams Hugh Adams
Image Title Dill Falls, North Carolina Japanese Garden Tree Going Home
Image of the Year - Projected 1ST Place 2ND Place 3RD Place
Beginners Projected
Winner Donna Griffiths Katie Trivette Donna Griffiths
Image Title Interwoven Reflections Strut Backing out of the Spotlight
Advanced. Projected
Winner Susan Kindley Hugh Adams Hugh Adams
Image Title Deep in Thought Tulip Magnolia New York Trees
Masters Projected
Winner Larry Petterborg Sunil Mehta Michael Blachly
Image Title Silverback Solitude Sailing into the Unknown
Recommendations for Advancement
Beginner to Advanced
Projected Donna Griffiths Joanne Sadlowski
Color Prints Donna Griffiths
Monochrome Prints Donna Griffiths
Advanced to Masters
Projected Hugh Adams
Color Prints Clinton Kemp Susan Kindley Sharon Collins
Monochrome Prints Clinton Kemp
DCC Annual Award for Distinguished Service
Jim Walsh
Fellow of the Dallas Camera Club
Hugh Adams
Richard Stern
Rolando Solis
President's Gavel Larry Petterborg
Special Award 1ST Place 2ND Place (Recognition Only) 3RD Place (Recogniton Only)
Spurlock Award for Creative Portraits. (Print) 2019-2020
Winner Hugh Adams Hugh Adams Dennis Fritsche
Image Title Brothers Forever Girl with Diamond Eyes The Horseman
Marge Dance Award for Contemporary Images 2019-2020
Winner Dennis Fritsche Clinton Kemp Keni Evans
Image Title Spheres Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic Autumn Reflections
Ken Zapp Field Trip Image of the Year 2019-2020
Winner Clinton Kemp Kaye Hargis Alan Whiteside
Image Title Chuckwagon Pantry Reflections at Sunset Crystal Mill
Barbara and Ralph Pyke Photojournalism Award 2019-2020
Winner Clinton Kemp Alan Whiteside Larry Golden
Image Title On the Streets of Soweto, Soputh Africa Necessary Maintenance Leaning Tower of Dallas - 1
Milton J. Rudick Travel Image Award (Trophy) Trophy for 1ST Place
Winner Michael Blachly Hal Sommer Jay Hoppenstein
Image Title Foggy Sunrise in Yosemite Snack Time, Gibraltar Solitude in the Mist

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