Training Class Material 2023

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Motion in Photography - Nancy Mack

TK8 Panel for Luminosity Masking - Anita Oakley 
  Presentation HERE
  Demonstrations by Anita VIDEO
  Session VIDEO
  Images used in demonstrations (go to Dropbox and download) HERE 

Applying Lightroom Tools - Dennis Fritsche
  Access to Both Photoshop 2023 & Photoshop Beta From Lightroom LINK
  Video on Color Grading LINK

Expanding the Capability of Your Camera - Frank Richards
  Part 1 - Panoramas PDF
  Part 2 - HDR (High Dynamic Range) PDF

Lightroom and Photoshop Editing Tools - Craig Rowen
- July 18, 2023 - Lightroom Tools PDF      VIDEO
  - July 27, 2023 - Photoshop Tool Review    PDF   VIDEO 

Bringing Life to a Flat Image - Anita Oakley June 22, 2023

Image Storage and Backup
  Overview - David Boomstein  DOC
  Backup with NAS - Clive Fernando   DOC
  Backup with Backblaze - Greg Rains   DOC
  Backup 3-2-1 - Fernando Kohan   DOC
  Backup and Archiving Considerations - David Boomstein   DOC
  Backup and Storage - Dennis Fritsche      DOC

Beginners Hands On and Projects
  Session 1 May 23, 2023   HANDOUT
  Session 2 June 13, 2023   HANDOUT
  Session 3 June 27, 2023   HANDOUT
  Session 4 July 11, 2023    HANDOUT

Georgia O'Keeffe - Nancy Mack   PDF VIDEO

Refining Your Image - Alan Whiteside
  Session 1    PDF
  Session 2    PDF
  Session 3    PDF
  Session 4    PDF

Themes and Projects - Nancy Mack
  Session 1    PDF
  Session 2    PDF

Image Review

  April 18, 2023   VIDEO

Finding That Image in Lightroom Classic - Dennis Fritsche

Ask Me AnythingDennis Fritsche

March 23, 2023 - Turn Photo to Watercolor, Helicon Focus, Extension tubes and Teleconverters, Order if Lightroom Adjustments   VIDEO

June 8, 2023 - Monopod gimbal, Balance in editing, film simulation 

September 19, 2023 VIDEO Fog Processing PDF (Straighten Image, size image to send to print service, process fog, remove halo, LR CC vs LR Classic)


Long Form Slideshows - Steve Reeves

Creating Backgrounds and Textures - Keni Evans

Creating a Slideshow with Lightroom and Photostage - Alan Daniel and Dennis Fritsche
PDF   VIDEO   Also see material from 2021 HERE

 Abstract Photography - Larry Petterborg

 Part 1 PDF

What Judges Look For - Larry Petterborg

Smartphone Photography - Larry Golden and Matthew Grivet
   PDF from February 14, 2023

Lightroom Collections for Organization and Sharing - Alan Daniel

Introduction to Club Competition - Frank Richards
  Part 1 PDF
  Part 2 and 3 
      Looking at Photos PDF
      Composition PDF
      Sizing Images for Print Labs PDF

How I Made It
  20230126 VIDEO - Focus Stacking with Photoshop, HDR, Masking Examples

  20230110     What is Juxtaposition and Monochrome with a recommended Link PDF

Local Adjustments and Masking in Lightroom Classic - Dennis Fritsche
  Part 2 VIDEOLINK to a good demonstration of using local adjustments.

  VIDEO from February 7, 2023, online.
  Dennis Notes PDF
  Bob Robinette provided a link to a VIDEO about different website considerations and options


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