February 2022

Sean Fitzgerald

Photographing Texas Prairies          

Good photography can change hearts and minds. Join professional photographer Sean Fitzgerald for a presentation on how to photograph prairies for maximum impact, with a particular focus on often overlooked Texas prairie ecosystems. Learn valuable tips to take better photos using a variety of techniques to help you tell the stories you want to tell. 

Short Bio

Sean is a Texas-based nature, conservation and travel photographer working primarily in editorial and commercial assignments, stock, and commercial fine art. He also leads photo workshops for Ted Turner Reserves. He is a past president of the North American Nature Photography Association, a member of NANPA and ASMP, and currently helps lead photographer advocacy efforts on copyright reform and public land access. For more information, go to www.seanfitzgerald.com.



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2022 Programs

January - Member Show "My Favorite Photographs"
February - Sean Fitzgerald
March - Kaye Hargis
April - TBD
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