October 2020 Through the Lens of Adam Jones

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November 2020
Edgar Miller’s Secret Sauce of Photography, Ingredients Included

Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite cookies.  A real weakness.  I’m fascinated by how different bakers can vary the ingredients into something usually very delicious. 

Photography is the same way. Core ingredients, like people, places and things, are mixed together with light, technique, equipment and inspiration to make a photograph that hopefully will please the eye of the observer.  This talk is about those photographic ingredients and how I use them.  My wish is to help you see differently and most importantly to inspire you to take some of these photographic ingredients and put them into your own “secret sauce” of photography!

About Edgar Miller
1979.  That is the year when I first stepped into the spooky red light of a darkroom and watched my images appear in a tray of smelly chemicals.  It was magical to print my own photos and not have to wait for prints at the local Fox Photo.  This film experience lingers and continues to influence my photography. 
I still shoot with film and even use a medium format pinhole camera.  The limitations of having just 12, 24 or 36 exposures makes one look harder and be more careful with each shot.  This experience carries over to my digital photography.  Even though I have thousands of potential images waiting on a memory card, I still photograph with the careful, observant eye of a film photographer using a limited number of shots.
Another factor that influences my photography is my degree in fine art.  I also draw and paint and being able to recognize how to depict the three dimensional world onto a two dimensional medium makes my photographic images stronger.  As my eye scans the view through a particular lens, I’m constantly looking for visual clues and details that make my subject stand out within the frame. 
The reward of seeing things the way I do has become a wonderful way of making a living.  My fine art work is collected and displayed and in some cases, in the lobby of office buildings with a steady audience to see the work.  I occasionally submit images to juried shows and it’s always a joy to have them accepted or even place or win.  I get hired to photograph people and places because of my ability to find the best light and composition. I also get hired to share my photographic knowledge through education courses, workshops and trips.  I enjoy helping people improve their own photographic journey.There are so many wonderful scenes and subjects to capture with a camera.  From portraiture to still lifes to landscapes, the medium of photography is as varied as musical genres.  I’m always looking for interesting light on interesting subjects.  This exploration of seeing something new or in a new light is a driving force behind my love of photography. 

February 2021
An artistic photographer lies in ALL of us

 By Lisa Langell

We as photographers often want to be more innovative and creative, but our own mental barriers can “prevent” the creative process from happening. One of the biggest mental blocks is simply believing, “I’m not a very creative person.” I hear this most often from engineers, accountants, and those in technical fields who have struggled to discover the creative style they desire. 
This session breaks down creative barriers in a really fun and logical way! I take an interactive, “myth-busters-style approach!” You’ll learn how to apply the creative process and develop patterns that will bring more joy, innovation, success, creativity and happiness to your photography! You will learn:

  •  How even those who feel they “are not artistic” can actually become artistic and creative
  •  Understand “imaginative skill” and how it develops
  •  About my “Mash up” formula for producing creativity
  •  How you can debunk your own myths about artistic and creative ability
  •  How to exercise your creativity through real-world examples and activities we will complete during the session
  •  Inspirations to take with you

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Lisa Langell
9393 N. 90th Street
Suite 102-319
Scottsdale, AZ  85258
602-345-0883 (Business)

Lisa Langell is a full-time, award-winning photographer whose work has appeared in numerous prestigious publications including the cover of Outdoor Photographer magazine, plus numerous images in Arizona Highways, Ranger Rick, art galleries and more.  She currently sits on the Board of Directors for the North American Nature Photography Association.  She is also a proud ambassador for Tamron,  FotoPro, and H&Y filters.

Whether it was working as a master floral designer, a licensed psychologist, university faculty, an international consultant in K-12 education, the Chief Business Development Officer of an education technology company, a researcher, a writer, or an artist—she enjoyed meeting each challenge.

Still, her strongest calling was photography--ever since childhood--when bird watching ignited her lifelong love of nature and the camera.  In 2010, she turned her passion for photography into a business—and in 2015 she successfully transitioned to photography full-time and left the corporate and consulting world behind.  

The journey with photography has definitely been Lisa’s favorite – she loves combining her diverse background and skills into her photographic art and instruction.  Bringing joy to others brings joy to her! She thrives on creating innovative learning experiences and pushing photographic boundaries.  She equally enjoys enriching, stimulating and expanding fellow photographers’ minds emotionally, creatively and intellectually. 

You may read more about her or see her work at http://www.langellphotography.com

Live Webinars & Educationhttp://www.langellphotography.com/Webinars-and-tutorials
Workshops & Events:  http://www.langellphotography.com/Events-1

Social Media:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/langellphoto
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/langellphoto/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisalangell/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/lisalangell and https://www.facebook.com/LisaLangellPhotography/
YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/langellphotography   

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