July Lisa Langell

Her topic will be The New Nature Photography: Trends for the Future

August 24 - Jeff Parker

Wanders in Wonder: a Wildlife Photography Journey

I’m a self-professed Wonder Junkie, always looking for my next fix.  My drug of choice is the wonder of the natural world.  In pursuit of this drug I have photographed wildlife on four continents (so far) and all seven of the world’s big cat species in the wild. 

In this presentation I will share some of my experiences and favorite photos of wildlife from the Americas, India and Africa.  I will also talk a bit about the equipment, techniques and preparation for these travels both near and far.

Jeff Parker is equal parts pro photographer and naturalist.  He was captivated by nature’s big screen long before he developed a passion for capturing it with the camera.

 Jeff enjoys encouraging others to photograph and marvel over nature’s wonders.  He believes nature photography has the power to bring deeper awareness to issues of conservation. “Such images make people care more,” he says.

His work has appeared in many magazines, including, Audubon, American Profile, Outdoor Photographer, and Texas Journey, as well as the books Borderlands of Laredo, Texas and Wildlife in Focus.  With his wife, writer Mary O. Parker, he published the award-winning nature travel guide, Explore Texas.

Jeff leads photo tours throughout in the western U.S., Europe, and South and Central America.  He and Mary O also hold one-day workshops at their central-Texas nature preserve, Red Belly Ranch.


September 2021
Personal Photographic Projects
Larry Petterborg

What is a “personal photographic project”? There is no one simple answer to this question. The phrase, “personal photographic project”, probably means something different to each one of us. For me, each project I do is different and why I do them differs one to the other. At its most basic level, a project is a way to creatively express yourself with photographic images, learn/practice techniques, and/or tell a story. A personal project is a body of work that is unique to its maker and represents their singular vision of something meaningful to them. Each image contributes to a larger story. Taken together, the collection of images shows us how the photographer sees and feels about their world.



About Larry

I have been interested in photography since childhood but didn’t get really serious until I was in graduate school in San Antonio. I joined the (now defunct) Woodlawn Camera at that time and have been an active camera club participant in numerous clubs ever since. We joined the Plano Photography Club over 20 years ago prior to moving to Dallas and have since joined the Heard Nature Photographers Club and the Dallas Camera Club. My photographic interests range from nature to travel to events. Following my taking some photography classes at Richland College, I developed a keen interest in turning my digital images into prints, which in turn lead me to the DCC. I have found during my photographic journey that if I want to make better photos, I needed to hang around people smarted than I am and learn from them.



2020 Programs (Second Meeting of the Month)

January – Member Slideshow – "Texas" (not Metroplex)

February – Jeremy Woodhouse

March - Cancelled due to Corvid 19 (moved to July)

April - No Meeting

May - Nikola Olic

June - Alan Whiteside

July - Tom Savage 

August - Daniel Rodique

September -Shelley Vandegrift

October - Adam Jones (Canon Explorer of Light)



2021 Programs

January - Members Photos of the DFW Metroplex
February - Lisa Langell An artistic photographer lies in ALL of us
March - Smiley Pool DMN Photographer
April - Robert Moore - My Life on the Street
May - Jim Walsh
June - Carla Golden
July - Lisa Langell
August - Jeff Parker
September - Larry Petterborg
October - No Program - DCC Hosts the Bird
November - Steve Hawiszczak & Dalis Foglia
December - No Program

2022 Programs

January = Member Show "My Favorite Photographs"

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