February 27, 2024
Janet Cunningham
Enhance Your Creativity With LENSBABY

What will be learned from the program:

Lensbaby is a line of camera lenses for use in special effects photography. The various models offer different creative possibilities. Janet will bring her collection of Lensbaby lenses and accessories to show club members. Her PowerPoint presentation will include descriptions of all of the Lensbaby lenses. Janet will also share her own images shot with various lenses highlighting the artistic effects achieved with Lensbaby.

Janet’s photography journey started by documenting family events and children’s activities – this was before everyone carried around a smart phone! She owned various film cameras and eventually several early point and shoot digital cameras. Her interest in photography as a hobby and artistic outlet started ten years ago when taking an intro to photography class. She started with a Canon G12, then a Canon 70D, now she shoots with a mirrorless Canon R6. Janet has enjoyed the intensity and fun at Texas School three times and participates in several online photography learning groups. She has been a member of the Trinity Arts Photo Club since 2013. Janet was Photographer of the Year for the Beginner group in 2014 and earned Photographer of the Year for their Advanced group in 2019, 2020 & 2021. Janet can be found happily photographing flowers and butterflies in her back yard. 


March 2023
Graham Hobart
how to see the finished print before pressing the shutter release

Good photographic images are more than pretty pictures. Every good photographer must have a firm command over the look and messaging of his/her images. Once a degree of maturity has been achieved a sort of “self-introspection” is essential in order to go back to repeat that success again and again so that a recognizable style or brand can be established.

A key component of this journey is knowing what you want to say as an artist and learning how to see the finished print while still looking through the viewfinder…... long before the image is captured.

Some of the topics included will be:

  • learning to see and understand what you are looking at.
  • using composition to reinforce your message.
  • asking why there are rules and why are we told to break them?
  • discussing the validity of prints in a digital world.
  • reverse engineering a recent exhibition to see if my “visualization” technique works.

In this presentation Hobart will break down how he arrived at his iconic illustrative style and how he was able to reinforce his messaging with a branded look that is undeniably his own. Hobart will challenge you to find your own look and learn ways to build that brand into a body of work that is more dependent on belief and command than on luck.

Photographer’s Biography

Growing up during a civil war in Africa as well as having lived on three continents may explain why his work is anything but ordinary. At age ten he was carving stone at the feet of native Zimbabwean artists. While still in high school he began casting bronze sculptures and painting in oils. This was followed by a period of where he began to explore as much of the African subcontinent as he could, sometimes by canoe or bicycle simply because roads did not exist.

"It was during these travels that I realized that I just had to have a camera to record all those incredible experiences", Hobart says when asked about the transition to becoming a professional photographer in 1985. So from the simple desire to share his stories with others he bought his first camera and the next great adventure began.

Hobart spent the next 25 years doing commercial photography. Before Photoshop Hobart was already doing special effects with complex masks and layers in-camera and in the darkroom but when the digital camera arrived he was an early adopter.

For more than a decade Hobart has been concentrating most of his effort into capturing the natural world within the infrared spectrum with specially modified cameras.

Since Graham Hobart’s last lecture titled “Finding your Visual Voice” Graham Hobart has been exhibited by several museums and institutions in Africa, Europe and the USA. 




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