May 25 2021
Jim Walsh
My Journey Through Photography

 My interest in photography began as Freshmen in college, a group of us bought some darkroom equipment and jumped into it as if we knew what we were doing.  We didn’t, but it was very much a learning process.   And I was hooked.

 What I would like to do in this session is to address…briefly…how I got started in photography, my development as a photographer over the next several decades and, in some greater depth, how I’ve been spending time, photographically speaking, over the past ten years. 

I am not a technical wizard by any stretch and this is not a  ”How To” program.  I’ve learned to simply shoot what I like, what appeals to me aesthetically or emotionally.  It took a long time to figure that out. This program is designed to share a little bit about the path taken to get there. 

Jim got his introduction to photography as a serious hobby at the University of Texas in Austin in the 1960’s.  He spent many hours experiencing the wonders of the darkroom over the next few decades. 

On retiring from a career in banking, he was drawn to the world of digital photography.  Jim became a member of both the Plano Photography Club and the Dallas Camera Club in 2012.  He served for three years as Competition Director for the Plano Club follow by another two years in the same capacity with the Dallas Club.  

His photography interests are broad including landscape, street photography, contemplative photography, sports photography and lots of pictures of five grandkids.

Fellow of the Dallas Camera Club
DCC Distinguished Service Award in 2020
President Elect


June 22

Carla Golden
Photography in a time of pandemic

The love of nature and hiking are in my blood, but I never so deeply appreciated what either had to offer until I started taking photographs. In this talk I will describe how four distinct influences (the pandemic, retirement, social media, and my particular personality) led me to the meditative practice of photography and changed both the way I move and how I see in the larger world.  The vast majority of my photos are taken within a 5-mile radius of my home in the Finger Lakes region of NY.  I am fascinated and inspired by the beauty in ordinary subjects to be found in these northeastern woods, as well as by the solace, peace, joy, and contemplative moments I find nowhere else.  While fall colors in the region can be spectacular and the new life of spring is so welcome after long winters, I remain exhilarated by the stark and elegant beauties of winter and the photographic possibilities opened up by snowy landscapes and ice-cold temperatures.  My talk and photos aim to capture a line from Thoreau which speaks to my photographic process: “I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees …” 


Carla Golden is Professor Emerita of Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies at Ithaca College.  She recently retired from a four-decade academic career in which her teaching and research focused on the psychology of women and gender.  City born and bred, she is a lifelong nature lover with an eye for beauty, a penchant for outdoor adventure, and a contemplative mind.  She discovered photography in retirement and is admittedly a newbie but with the zeal and enthusiasm to match.  She is delighted to share her work depicting nature’s wonders from the Finger Lakes region of New York in her first public talk and sharing of photos. 





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