November 2019 Program - Mike Mezeul II

Program Title - Kilauea: The Beauty Within A Disaster

On May 3, 2018, the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii erupted and resulted in several fissures spewing lava on the Lower East Rift Zone. The neighborhood of Leilani Estates was ground zero with over 2000 people needing to be evacuated as lava threatened life and property. This was the most violent eruption of Kilauea in a few decades and when the eruption halted in August, there was enough lava to cover the entire island of Manhattan seven feet deep. During this presentation, Mike will talk about his experience covering the disaster for nearly two weeks from land, air and sea and how although the volcano destroyed so much, there was a surreal beauty to the event.

Mike Mezeul II is a professional photographer based out of Dallas, Texas. His work specializes in landscape, aerial, natural disaster, commercial and night sky. Mike's work has been published around the world including work in National Geographic, BBC Magazine, Yahoo News and more. When Mike is not on assignment work, he spends his free time traveling the world and sharing his knowledge by teaching photography workshops. 




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