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Zach Warner: Funtography

Brief Description / Take Away

In this creativefun, and entertaining program, Zach will explain his concept of "Photography Forecasting". Zach is able to capture the images he does by reading people and looking 5 steps ahead in multiple directions.

I’m half German sausage and half Italian sausage, and that makes for one tasty sandwich! My favorite past time is being on tour. There is nothing like being in a different city and state every day, constantly meeting new people and making connections.





April 23, 2024
Rebeccas Flores
Making the Move to Moving Images

What You’ll Learn: It seems like every camera you pick up these days has the ability to shoot video.  If you’re a photographer, introducing video to your repertoire can be very daunting.  In Making the Move to Moving Images, we will introduce you to the ins and outs of how to set up your camera setting and get rolling. From frame rates to composition, we will give you a fresh take on how to get started in the video sphere.

Simple Bio:

Earning dual degrees from the University of Texas at Austin in Spanish and Broadcast Journalism, she took the role of Station Manager at TSTV, the first commercial college broadcast station in the U.S.. Post graduation, she worked as a freelance videographer/cinematographer in central Texas. In 2004, Rebecca was accepted into the Graduate Film Production Program at the University of Southern California where she earned her master’s degree.

While completing her master’s, Rebecca transplanted herself to the Middle East to work with Jordan’s new graduate film school, The Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts.  While building the film program in Jordan, she also continued her work as a filmmaker and photographer, working on various documentary film projects.

Currently, Rebecca works as an Artist in Residence at Southern Methodist University in film production and runs her own school for photography and filmmaking, the Neighborhood Media Arts.  In 2021, she partnered with Dallas’ own Competitive Cameras store where she works as their in-house instructor.  Aside from teaching, Rebecca continues to work as a freelance filmmaker and photographer locally and nationally.  Her focus in filmmaking is in documentary. Her photography ranges from portraits to sports to landscape.




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