Training Classes for 
Plano Photography Club and Dallas Camera Club Members

Plano Photography Club Class Descriptions HERE

Combined DCC - PPC Training

DCC Training Tuesday - Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday

November 3 - Lightroom Library and Develop Module Overview - Dennis Fritsche

PPC Training Thursdays - Every 2nd and 4th Thursday

Next Classes: November 12, 2020

6:30 PM CT - Ask Me Anything - Dennis Fritsche
7:30 PM CT - Visual Design Basics (Session 65) with Larry Petterborg

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Orientation for New and Prospective Members

Instructor: Jerry Martin
Class Availability: Open to all

Learn what the Dallas Camera Club has to offer to photographers of all interests and skill level.

Photography Fundamentals Meets at 7:30

Instructor: Kaye Hargis and Gary Kelly
Class Availability: Open to all

Class topics will be  posted on the Home Page.

The class will be led by Gary Kelly and Kaye Hargis  

Ask Me Anything

Instructor: Dennis Fritsche
Class Size Limit: None
Class Duration:  Take a Break in July  and August after that until no one comes
Registration: None required
Where: Virtual access code HERE

This is an open session to discuss anything photographic - cameras, Lightroom, color management, technique, gear, printing, travel planning, back-up strategies, whatever.

If I don't know, someone else in the room will. It's a great place to learn something new. If you have a problem image or one you want to improve, email me a high-resolution copy at and we will see what we can do.



Instructor: Larry Petterborg
Class Size Limit: None
Class Duration:  Starts in August
Registration: None required
Where: Virtual access code HERE

This course is based on the books; “Photographing the World Around You” by Freeman Patterson (1994, IBSN 1-55013-5902) and “Vision and Art” by Margaret Livingstone (2002, IBSN 978-0-8109-9554-3).

The first of six sessions will introduce the course and discuss the idea of learning to see the world around us as photographic opportunities. Participants will be given an assignment to practice “seeing” using their cellphone cameras. Subsequent sessions will consist of a discussion of the past activity/review of images, an introduction to different design elements, and a description of a new activity.


SESSION #                   DISCUSSION TOPICS AND ACTIVITY DISCRIPTIONS                                     

     1                         Introduction to course, “Seeing”. Use a cell phone camera to practice seeing potential photos.

     2                         “Light”. Make pictures of the same subject in different lighting conditions.

     3                         “Shape “and “Line”. Create a photographic collection of basic shapes and make a series of images utilizing real and implied lines.

     4                          “Texture” and “Perspective”. Explore the texture of surfaces/scenes and use visual design ideas to create depth in your photos.

     5                         “Dominance”, “Balance”, “Proportion”, and “Rhythm”. Make a collection of images demonstrating the concepts of dominance, balance, proportion, and rhythm.

     6                          Putting visual design to work to improve your compositions.

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