Class start at 6:15 and end at 7:15.

Note: We have limited training in November and December. Check the following closely.

Classes Offered November 12, 2019:

  • Using Contrast to Direct the Viewer's Eye - AYC
  • Introduction to Ink Jet Printing (Frank Richards) - Room 11
  • New Member Orientation - Main Room

Classes Offered November 26, 2019: None

Classes Offered December 10, 2019:

  • Using Contrast to Direct the Viewer's Eye - AYC

Class Description


Instructor: Jerry Martin
Class Availability: This Class Is Offered on
 October 16, November 12
Class Duration : Single Session
Where: Main meeting room
This class is HIGHLY recommended for new members. The DCC offers a lot of activity which can be quite confusing to new members. This class will help to navigate the events.

If you wish to attend this class, simply show up before the meeting before 6:15PM.


Instructor: Dennis Fritsche
Class Availability: Open to all
Class Duration: Complete for 2019
Where: Room 18
Sign-up: Not Required

Description:This is an open session to discuss anything photographic – cameras, Lightroom, color managements, technique, gear, printing, travel planning, back-up strategies, whatever. If I don’t know, someone else in the room will. A great place to learn something new. If you have a problem image or one you want to improve, bring a high-resolution copy on a memory stick and we will see what we can do – or email it to me at

Introduction to Ink Jet Printing

Instructor: Frank Richards
Classes Offered: Sept 10, Sept 24 and Nov 12 at 6:15 in  Room 11
Class Availability: Open

This course is aimed at the photographer who considering doing their own printing or is new to inkjet printing and wants to learn more about the process. We will cover how an inkjet printer works and the basic camera to print workflow. Sizing and sharpening images for printings. Why the print might not match the image on my monitor. Color management including monitor calibration and printer profiles. How to print from Photoshop and Lightroom. How choice of paper affects the final print. Mounting and matting prints.

Please send Frank an email if you plan to attend so that he can provide you class material.

Using Contrast to Direct the Viewer’s Eye

Instructor: Alan Whiteside

Class Availability: Open to All. No registration.

Class Duration: Oct 16, Nov 12, Dec 10

Where: Aarron Youth Center (AYC)

If variety is the spice of life, then contrast is the spice of photographs. It’s what adds that punch of flavor to an image. Photographic contrast encompasses much more than a difference in brightness. And it is important in both color and monochrome images. Several types of contrast involve in-camera techniques. During post-processing, several types of contrast can be applied globally and/or locally. We will investigate numerous examples and show how contrast not only adds punch to an image but also can and should be used to direct the viewer’s eye to your main subject.


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