Class start at 6:15 and end at 7:15.

Classes Offered March 24, 2020:

  • 1-2-3 Compete - AYC
  • Envision Your Final Photograph: Principles and Decisions - ROOM 18
  • Fundamentals of Digial Photography - Class no. 4  Main Room

Class Description


Instructor: Jerry Martin

Class Availability: This Class Is Offered on
March 10, May 12, June 10, July 14, August 11, September 8, October 13
Class Duration : Single Session
Where: Main meeting room
This class is HIGHLY recommended for new members. The DCC offers a lot of activity which can be quite confusing to new members. This class will help to navigate the events.

If you wish to attend this class, simply show up before the meeting before 6:15PM.

Fundamentals of Digital Photography

Instructor: Kaye Hargis and Gary Kelly
Class Availability: Open to all
Class Duration : Starts January 28, then at each meeting
Where: Main meeting room
Contact Instructors if interested.
Description: Class no. 4  


The class will be led by Gary Kelly and Kaye Hargis  If you are interested send an email to Gary or Kaye.

123 Compete (Entering club competitions)

Instructor Frank Richards
Class Availability: Open to All.
Registration: email to
Class Duration: Through June 2020
Where: Aarron Youth Center (AYC)

Club members who compete are generally more engaged and remain active in the club for longer. Some members don’t compete because they don’t like the concept while others lack the confidence to compete and receive feedback or they simply don’t know how the process works. This class is aimed at preparing people, who are new to our club competitions, to start competing in May 2020 - the start of the 2020-21 competition year. Classes will start in January and conclude the end of June. The class will cover:

Why compete
Mechanics of competing
Giving and receiving criticism
What makes a good competitive photo
A little on image composition
Preparing files as projected image or to print
    Choose images and decide how to process
     How to prepare and submit files
     Order prints from a lab or print them yourself
     Discuss candidate images - digital and prints
Enter the May contest.
Discuss candidate images for June and July competitions

Class is open to all.  If you are interested, please send Frank an email so that he can provide you class material.

Envisioning Your Final Photo: Principles and Decisions

Instructor: Alan Whiteside
Class Availability: Limit 10 participants
Registration: Email to
Class Duration: Six classes beginning January 14 and ending March 24
Where: Room 18
Description: This class will be focused on a thoughtful approach to capturing an image and some workflow decisions/considerations to fulfill your initial expectations as much as possible. While not a software editing class, the results of software enhancements made to RAW photos will be used as examples of moving toward the initial vision. The class requires submitting images and discussing the thought process for creating them, as well as explaining enhancements made to achieve final images.

Two goals for participants: be able to (1) describe what’s in your mind’s eye for the final output prior to taking the photo and (2) enhance the initial capture to approximate your initial vision.

Photographic Projects 

Instructor: Larry Petterborg
Class Size Limit: 8
Class Duration: 8 Sessions. Schedule below.
Registration: email to
Where: Room 11

Working on an individual photo project is a great way to improve your skills by making photographs with a vision of the results in mind guiding your efforts. It is also an enlightening experience to see a body of work come together over time rather than producing a random assortment of isolated images. Such an exercise can contribute to the recognition and development of your unique style.
Beginning in January, we will meet to brainstorm possible individual photographic projects. In a subsequent meeting, participants will present a Storyboard outlining their vision for their specific projects. From this point on, our time together will focus on discussion about Capturing, Editing, and Compiling project images. The culmination of the activity will be the Presentation of individual projects in a manor chosen by each of the participants, such as a photo book, projected program, or a print show.

MEETING DATE                        ACTIVITY                                                                                            

11 FEB 20                                  Project Progress Review and Discussion
25 FEB 20                                  Project Progress Review and Discussion
10 MAR 20                                Project Progress Review and Discussion
24 MAR 20                                No Class
14 APR 20                                 No Class                             
28 APR 20                                 No Class
12 MAY 20                                Project Progress Review and Discussion
26 MAY 20                                Project Progress Review and Discussion
9 JUNE 20                                 Project Presentations

 Ask Me Anything

Instructor: Dennis Fritsche
Class Size Limit: None
Class Duration: May12, May 26
Registration: None required
Where: Room 18

This is an open session to discuss anything photographic - cameras, Lightroom, color management, technique, gear, printing, travel planning, back-up strategies, whatever. 

If I don't know, someone else in the room will. It's a great place to learn something new. If you have a problem image or one you want to improve, bring a high-resolution copy on a memory stick and we will see what we can do - or email it to me at

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