Training Tuesday are active during the shut down.

Classes are offered 1st and 3rd Tuesdays via Zoom. 

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Photography Fundamentals Meets at 7:30

Instructor: Kaye Hargis and Gary Kelly
Class Availability: Open to all

Class topics will be  posted on the Home Page.

The class will be led by Gary Kelly and Kaye Hargis  

Ask Me Anything - On Line Version

Instructor: Dennis Fritsche
Class Size Limit: None
Class Duration:  Until No one comes
Registration: None required
Where: Virtual access code HERE

This is an open session to discuss anything photographic - cameras, Lightroom, color management, technique, gear, printing, travel planning, back-up strategies, whatever.

If I don't know, someone else in the room will. It's a great place to learn something new. If you have a problem image or one you want to improve, email me a high-resolution copy at and we will see what we can do.

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