Outward Bound

is a project of the Dallas Camera Club to encourage club members to participate in not only our own internal competitions, but also competitions that happen outside of the club (Outside competitions). So much so, that the club has appointed me just to keep the club informed of such competitions.

The contest list below is for you to explore opportunities to expand recognition beyond the Dallas Camera Club and our associated photographic societies. There are literally thousands of contests. There are hundreds of contests by magazines, companies, and organizations that sponsor contests so we only list a few. No outside competition, except the Trinity River Photo Contest, is endorsed or sponsored by the Dallas Camera Club.

Only you can decide if of a contest is right for you. Before entering any contest, carefully read information about who will own the copyright and/or how it will be used. Make certain you have complied with any rules concerning post processing and, if any person(s) is in the image, do you need a model release form. Note deadlines and any entry fees. Because contests will be added and deleted from this list, be sure to add the web link for any promising contests to the favorites list on your computer for future reference.

Texas Photographic Society
Two competitions this month:

Listening to the Land.  Exploring the evolution of Texas’ rural lands and communities.
Entry deadline March 30, 2020
Event Website: https://texasphoto.org/listening-to-the-land

New Visions 2020:  A Student Show
Entry deadline March 27, 2020
Event Website: https://texasphoto.org/newvisions2020

Texas Trees Foundation (texastrees.org)

                Trees Among Us.  Inspiring images of trees taken inside the city limits of Dallas’
                Entry deadline April 3, 2020
                Contest Link: https://www.texastrees.org/trees-among-us-photo-contest/

Texas State Fair

             Entries open in April.  More information available later.

American Color Imaging
Two competitions with the same rules.

Adorable National Children’s Portrait Contest  https://acilab.com/adorable-contest/
Pawsitively Adorable Contest https://acilab.com/pawsitively-adorable-contest/
Photos of children and/or pets taken between March 1 and July 31, 2020
Entry deadline July 31, 2020
Note:  Must print using ACI and purchase of promotional kit.

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