Special End of Year Contests

JJ Spurlock Award for
Creative Protraiture

Marge Dance Award for
Contemporary Images

Milton J Rudick
Travel Image Award

Ken Zapp
Field Trip Image of the Year Award

Barbara and Ralph Pyke
Photojournalism Award

2019 Clinton Kemp Dave Rochier Hugh Adams Kaye Hargis Shelly Vandegrift
2018 Hugh Adams Hugh Adams Hugh Adams Larry Golden Kaye Hargis
2017 Susan Burciaga Houston Brown Hal Sommer Chris Kobos Chuck Mann
2016 Teena Armes Houston Brown Shelley Vandegrift Jim Walsh Chris Kobos
2015 Wayland Threadgill Dennis Fritsche Kaye Hargi Shelley Vandegrift Jim Walsh
2014 Frank Richards Dennis Fritsche Gary Kelly Chris Kobos James Walsh
2013 Houston Brown Houston Brown Houston Brown Jay Hoppenstein Harry Rumberger
2012 Houston Brown Frank Richards Houston Brown Houston Brown David Forehand
2011 Dennis Fritsche Virginia Sumrall Janie Rumberger Kaye Hargis Jay Hoppenstein
2010 Gary Kelly Dennis Fritsche Agnieszka Szczurowska Houston Brown
2009 Harry Rumberger Houston Brown
Jerry Comer
Frank Richards Kaye Hargis
2008 Jerry Comer Nellie Bretherick Eleanore Avery LeDon Becker
2007 Eleanore Avery Harry Rumberger Jerry Comer Tom Marusa
2006 Eleanore Avery Kaye Hargis Nellie Bretherick Paula Alcorn
2005 Dody Bracken Nellie Bretherick Nellie Bretherick Paula Buzenius
2004 Eleanore Avery Jerry Comer Jerry Comer Tom Marusa
2003 Jessica Gluck Jessica Gluck Tom Marusa Gary Kelly
2002 Dody Bracken Dody Bracken Clark Crenshaw Patricia Adams
2001 Nellie Bretherick Nellie Bretherick Gary Kelly Gary Kelly
2000 Ken Myers Jerry Comer Clark Crenshaw Patricia Adams
1999 Nellie Bretherick Nellie Bretherick Patricia Steele Dee Lang
1998 Nellie Bretherick Nellie Bretherick Patricia Steele Clark Crenshaw
1997 Nellie Bretherick Nellie Bretherick Patricia Steele Dee Lang
1995 Leonard Duckett
1994 Leonard Duckett

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